Monday, April 7, 2008

You need more Lusine in your life.

Lusine is the brainchild of Jeff McIlwain for his visceral, melodic vision of abstract electronic music. Having attended Cal Arts to study 20th century electronic music and sound design for music and film, he has since recorded for labels such as !K7/MAS, Hymen, Delikatessen and Isophlux. Since making the move to Ghostly in 2003, Lusine has released Push Remixes, and the Inside/Out EP, as well as the stunning and widely-lauded Serial Hodgepodge, a full-length from 2004. He is one of the foremost American producers in the abstract field and an artist with a boundless future in his craft.

The awesomeness in live set mp3 form-->

Lusine - Live (Ambient) @ Decibel Festival Seattle Sept 20, 2007
47.19 min | 192 kbps | 65 mb

Lusine - Live PA 2003

118.51 min | 128 kbps | 108.9 mb

Enjoy these!