Monday, October 13, 2008

Sexystep for you and your favorite hottie

Serious Lurve, an anonymous boy/girl duo in their own kinda serious lurve, first brought us a deep and sexy mix called F.U.C.K. Vol. 1 (which can be found here) earlier this summer. Now they have brought us a little dirtier installment in the (hopefully ongoing) series, with Vol. 2. If Vol. 1 was foreplay, this is getting down to some serious, kinky, zebra print, vibrating bed business. Give it a listen, but only with the lights down low, some warming lotion, and your favorite fun partner. Those of us minus that last part, let your imagination run wild, I suppose.

Serious Lurve presents: F.U.C.K. Vol 2. You can stream the mix or look over on the right side of the Divshare page for the "download original" link.
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