Thursday, April 24, 2008

Songs for a breezy spring day.

I love free music. I especially love GOOD free music. I bet you do too.

Ghostly International just put out this free album of really good tunes, in conjunction with Adult Swim.

I like them a lot. You should too. And you should like them on your porch. With a beer. And then you should invite me over you bastards!
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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Mashed potatoes with bass gravy.

So I promised something a bit more upbeat for ya, and this is a corker! This is the mix you need to be listening to as you get ready to go out on a Friday night. Serious party mashup bizness. So much fun! Link and tracklist beneath the link -->

Hanuman vs. El Kano - Soundcrash

1. Signal - Waves [Raster Noton]
2. Omar Faruk Tekbilek - Shashkin [Celestial Harmonies]
3. Atki2 - Knock Knock [unreleased]
4. Atki2 ft General Levy - The Wig [unreleased]
5. Luke Vibert - Blasted Wook [Lo Recordings]
6. Small Arms Fiya feat. Serocee - Give It To Mi [1965 Records]
7. Paris Zax - Retreat [Alpha Pup Recordings]
8. Ding Dong - Badman Forward Badman Pullup (acapella) [VP US]
9. Cursor Miner - EventsBeginToSpiralOutOfControl [Noodles Discotheque]
10. Sukshinda Shinda - Dhamiwala Da Dhol [Naxos]
11. Roll Deep - 30 [Roll Deep Recordings]
12. Crookers ft MC Dandão - Soca Ali Baba [Man Recordings]
13. Modeselektor - The Black Block [BPitch Control]
14. Deadbeat - Gimme A Little Slack [~scape]
15. MIA - Bamboo Banga [Interscope Records]
16. DIM - Airbus Baby [Turbo Recordings]
17. Proxy - Din Dah [Turbo Recordings]
18. DJ Scud - No Love [Transparent]
19. Mala - Lean Forward [DMZ]
20. Badboy - Badboy [WSM]
21. Darqwan - Confused [Texture Records]
22. Skream - Losing Control [Tempa Recordings]
23. Monkeysteak - Black Milk [unreleased]
24. A Made Up Sound - 699 [Subsolo Records]
25. Pope Thermador - Selassie on the Wye [unreleased]
26. Monkeysteak - Hairy Angler (Demo version No1) [unreleased]
27. Sickboy - March of the Antifa [Tigerbeat6]
28. Mahala Rai Banda - Spoitoresa (Russ And Roc Brass And Bass Mix) [Atlantic Jaxx]
29. Vybez Cartel - Gun Session [Greensleeves]
30. DJ Scud - Coldharbour Lane [Rephlex]
31. Tweet & Missy Elliot - Oops (Oh My) [Elektra]
32. Speedranch Jansky Noise - Herve Villechaize has Metamorphosing Rhino Balls [Planet Mu]

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Smoke 'em if you got 'em.

Ok, so perhaps it is symptomatic of being a total insomniac and spending my wee hours trolling the nets for music, but I have obviously been on a bit of a mellow kick as of late. Worry not, dear reader (all one of you), I am sure I will find something obnoxiously abrasive to post up soon.

But tonight I made a magnificent find that I just had to share. For anyone who is a fan of The Orb, this one will come as no surprise for its excellence. Behold, a live set from Thomas Fehlmann. It's a zShare link, which means you can stream a preview as well as just download it. Enjoy this downtempo dubby goodness with a blunt and a smile!

Thomas Fehlmann - Live @ Dublab (CA) 2006
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MMMM free tune...

...but it requires you to do some work. Just a little, I promise. See, Radiohead is having another little mix "contest", and this fellow Eskmo (who makes pretty neat dubstep tunes as a general rule) made a pretty neat remix. Take a listen and vote here.

And if you want to have a copy of this one for your iPod, go ahead and grab it.
Radiohead - Nude (Eskmo Remix)

But if you take the tune and don't vote, I will know.
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Monday, April 7, 2008

You need more Lusine in your life.

Lusine is the brainchild of Jeff McIlwain for his visceral, melodic vision of abstract electronic music. Having attended Cal Arts to study 20th century electronic music and sound design for music and film, he has since recorded for labels such as !K7/MAS, Hymen, Delikatessen and Isophlux. Since making the move to Ghostly in 2003, Lusine has released Push Remixes, and the Inside/Out EP, as well as the stunning and widely-lauded Serial Hodgepodge, a full-length from 2004. He is one of the foremost American producers in the abstract field and an artist with a boundless future in his craft.

The awesomeness in live set mp3 form-->

Lusine - Live (Ambient) @ Decibel Festival Seattle Sept 20, 2007
47.19 min | 192 kbps | 65 mb

Lusine - Live PA 2003

118.51 min | 128 kbps | 108.9 mb

Enjoy these!
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Time for your Vaccination.

Hotflush Recordings Presents: HFMX001 - Vaccine

192 kbps
320 kbps <--separated tunes in ZIP format Artwork: pdf

Tracklist and more Vaccine mixes here. -->

00:00 Scuba "Tell Her"
04:07 Brain "Martial Love"
07:18 Toasty "Angel" (Si Begg remix)
10:43 Vaccine "Fever"
14:07 Unknown "Untitled"
16:30 Si Begg "">Hard Like Funk" (Motor City dub)
19:55 TRG & Dub U "Losing Marbles"
23:33 Vaccine "Concussion"
26:44 Ital Tek "Weave"
29:55 Scuba "Hard Boiled"
33:19 Intex Systems "Radium"
35:20 Boxcutter "Infraviolet"
39:24 Vaccine "Wishful Thinking" VIP (ambient mix)
42:35 Boxcutter "Philly"
46:07 Boxcutter "Brood"
49:17 Vaccine "Fever" (high grade mix)

If you have not heard any of Vaccine's mixes, then you can thank me later.

August 06 Mix (my favorite)

(00:00) Vaccine - "Wishful Thinking" [Scuba]
(05:51) Gravious - "Monolith" [Scuba]
(08:48)Scuba - "Dream" [Scuba]
(12:11) Brain - "Martial Love" [forthcoming Warm Communications]
(16:06) Boxcutter - "Brood" [Hotflush]
(19:11) Scuba - "Brown" [Hotflush]
(22:48)Telefon Tel Aviv - "I Lied" [Hefty]
(26:11) Scuba - "Aqualung" [Unreleased]
(29:09) Intex Systems & Ezeekil - "Transfer" [Vaccine]
(33:25) Vex'd - "3rd Choice" [Planet Mu]
(35:38)Gravious - "Wormsign" [Scuba]
(38:48) Siktransit - "Vilosans" (Intex Systems remix) [Covert Operations]
>>> Gravious - "Wormsign" [Scuba]
(42:10) Helios - "For Years and Years" [Type]

February 07 Mix

(00:00) Helios - “Velius” (remix) [Unreleased, original Merck]
(02:43) Boxcutter - “Gave Dub” (12″ mix) [Planet Mu]
(06:20) Vaccine - “Anaesthetic” [forthcoming TBA]
(09:46) One - “Kontrafunk” (Scuba remix) [forthcoming Kontramusik]
(14:15) Scuba - “If I Don’t” (dub mix) [Unreleased]
(16:29) Burial - “Gutted” [Hyperdub]
(19:40) Gravious - “Wormsign” [Scuba]
(22:49) Scuba - “Subaqueous” [TBA]
(26:23) Intex Systems - “Titan” (Scuba remix) [Dubline]
(30:27) Sileni - “Twitchy Droid Leg” (Vex’d remix) [Offshore]
(34:03) Intex Systems & Ezeekil - “Transfer” (Gravious remix) [forthcoming TBA]
(38:00) Gravious - “Temple Ball” [Hotflush]
(40:47) Helios - “Sons of Light and Darkness” [Type]
(43:42) Scuba - “Brown” [Hotflush]
>>> The Killers - “Read My Mind” [Island]
(47:49) Scuba - “If I Don’t” (rockstep mix) [Unreleased]
>>> Vaccine - “Wishful Thinking” [Scuba]
(51:50) Scuba - “Braille Diving” [Hotshore]
(56:13) Marlow - “Road Kill” [Hotflush]
(59:44) Toasty - “The Knowledge” [Hotflush]
(63:46) Boxcutter - “Bad You Do” (halfstep mix) [Planet Mu]
(68:47) Vaccine - “Wishful Thinking” (VIP) [ Scuba]

Some of these have been released since these mixes were put out, but I am feeling too lazy to look up labels right now. Will do that for all two of you who may actually read this later.
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Soundtrack for the early morning light.

What a find these two mixes are! Eclectic, lush and thoroughly lovely, I suppose you could call them ambient. Does it matter really? Download and serve with a rose and some crepes (or Cap'N Crunch, whatever suits your version of a beautiful morning).

Brandon Invergo - Breakfast In Bed Vol. 1 & 2

Volume 1

01) Ricky the Steamboat - Daydreaming
02) Robin Guthrie - Music for Labour
03) The Future Sound of London - Elaborate Burn
04) Kettel - American Video
05) Brandon Invergo - Dream Sequence 1
06) Múm - Moon Pulls
07) Wixel - Distraction
08) Apparat - Wooden
09) Four Tet - And They All Look Broken Hearted
10) Brandon Invergo - Dream Sequence 2
11) Swod - I think He Was a Journalist
12) Ensemble - Loose
13) Slowblow - Why Hawaii?
14) Slowdive - Blue Skied an' Clear
15) Brandon Invergo - Dream Sequence 3
16) Leaves - Favour
17) Grizzly Bear - Colorado

Volume 2

1) Canon Blue - Kingfisher Sweet [Rumraket]
2) Michael Hartman - Near Koenji Station (excerpt) [Kuro Neko]
3) Efterklang - Prey and Predator [Leaf]
4) Kangding Ray - Sub.res [Raster-Noton]
5) The Books - Vogt Dig for Kloppervok [Tomlab]
6) Soto - Orange [Creation Centre]
7) Boards of Canada - Peacock Tail [Warp]
8) Michael Hartman - Near Koenji Station (excerpt) [Kuro Neko]
9) Tunng - Arms [Full Time Hobby]
10) Michael Hartman - Asakusa Temple (excerpt) [Kuro Neko]
11) Seabear - Sailors Blue [Morr Music]
12) Michael Hartman - Asakusa Temple (excerpt) [Kuro Neko]
13) Northern Implosion - Sea of Tranquility [unreleased]
14) Funckarma - Lawk [Djak-Up-Bitch]
15) Haujobb - Overflow [Accession]
16) Photek - 124 [Science/Virgin]
17) Burial - Ghost Hardware [Hyperdub]
18) Blamstrain - List [Merck]
19a) Michael Hartman - Train from Emi Utono to Awa Kamogawa [Kuro Neko]
19b) Daybreak Awaits - To Bleed (Brandon Invergo's Trapped In Time Mix) [unreleased]
20) Daybreak Awaits - To Bleed [unreleased]

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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Absolutely stunning dub techno mix....

isodyne - 80 Degrees North(Rapidshare link)

mixed March 2008 @ isx

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Self-improvement is a major bitch. Now self-destruction...

Download here: presents Fingerprints vol.31 - Mixed by DJ Shiva
Audio Quality: 192 kbps
Length: 1:09:48
Style: Dubstep / Techno
Size: 95,88 MB

Tracklist and info-->

1. NIN - 25 Ghosts - NIN (00:00)
2. Scuba - Hard Boiled - Hotflush (01:13)
3. The Mole (loop) - Conversation Records (04:55)
4. Wifi Of The Undead - THD - unreleased (05:51)
5. Isomer Transition - Heavy Water - Future Days (08:10)
6. Distance - Feel Me - Chestplate (10:28 )
7. Monolake - Remotable - Imbalance Computer Music (13:15)
8. Scuba - Outmost - Abucs (14:10)
9. Eidolon - Melt - unreleased (17:51)
10. Untold - Test Signal - Hessle Audio (21:05)
11. Sigha - Finite - unreleased (24:19)
12. abZ - Spot (DZ RMX) - unreleased (26:38 )
13. Andy Stott - Hostile - Modern Days (30:47)
14. Benga & Coki - Night (loop) - Tempa (33:33)
15. 2562 - Circulate - Tectonic (34:01)
16. DNCN & Mark Henning - Golf Clap - Gastspiel (36:19)
17. Various Production - Diver - Various Production (39:02)
18. Skream - Wobble That Gut - Tempa (40:53)
19. Robin Jacobs & Martex - Good Rock Dancin - Zuvuya (43:39)
20. TRG - Back In The Days - unreleased (48:44)
21. Substance & Vainqueur - Emerge 1 (British Murder Boys RMX) loop - Scion Versions (52:11)
22. NIN - 7 Ghosts (loop) - NIN (53:07)
23. Ian Lehman - The Butcher of Blue Ranch - unreleased (53:35)
24. T++ - 100 Bar - Erosion (55:53)
25. Dot - Chemical Waste - Immigrant (58:12)
26. Untold - Purify - Hessle Audio (59:07)
27. Cursor Miner - Grimewatch - Combat (62:35)
28. NIN - 21 Ghosts - NIN (64:43)
29. 2562 - 699 - Subsolo (65:24)
30. DNCN - Youyourself (loop) - Budenzauber (67:00)
31. Appleblim & Peverelist - Circling - Skull Disco (67:56)

My theory with this mix was to tap into a new sound filtering its way to the surface in the dubstep world as it moves closer to the techno sound, and also to represent the more adventurous techno sounds as well. There is much creativity to be found where these sounds are meeting in the middle.

Many people have only heard the slower sounding dubstep, but like any genre, it is not limited to those sounds. By layering the slower dubstep beats and bass underneath the more straightforward techno beats, I hope to find a rhythmic variation that taps into the core of both sounds. Of course, as you will hear, there is plenty of dubstep that is tapping into the more complex and energetic rhythmic patterns of techno (and any number of other influences) as well.

Using Ableton Live, I am able to layer multiple sources in a manner that allows for maximum adaptability and infinite possiblity. There is much "on-the-fly" manipulation, including looping and tweaking of effects, as well as instant re-imagining of each song's original composition. No song on this mix is heard quite in its original form. All have been tweaked and manipulated to suit the goal of the mix, which is to use the original sound sources to create something entirely new in the process. The songs are at the core of the mix, but in the end, I hope to have left my own fingerprint on the sometimes disparate, but always exciting music coming from both genres

What are the Fingerprints Editions?
Fingerprints is a series of live mixes all exclusively mixed for in a diversity of electronic music styles. On a regular basis a new livemix will see the daylight and becomes available for download on but with the ability to post on other forums as well. The series can be recognized by the title: " presents Fingerprints vol.# - Mixed by <>"

So what is so special about this?
The download package contains more then just the livemix. Every new volume of will contain a tracklist or .cue file together with a front and back cd cover. With this material it will be possible to burn the mix to a CD and create a collection of matching CD's called "The Fingerprints Editions".
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Queue fireworks...

Yeah...not so much.

As if the world needed another blog, music or otherwise. But with unemployment being my everyday existence, I needed yet another distraction from actually accomplishing anything worthwhile, so here we are.

This will be a place where I link mixes (my own and others), talk about music (again, accomplishing next to nothing) and generally ranting about things music related.

I am generally horrid at doing anything on a regular basis, so trust that I will spare you all from this monstrosity becoming a daily thing. But then, I am also unpredictable sometimes, so perhaps you shall all suffer with me, eh? Read more!