Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Risen from the dead.

OK, not like that perhaps. But I have been off in my own world for a few years now, working and getting life together and all that.

But now I feel like I have neglected my duties as a music nerd in letting people know about the good schtuff that should be gracing their ears. So I will be resurrecting this for as long as I can maintain interest (and as long as anyone out there is paying attention).

To be honest, I am partially motivated by frustration at the homogenization of "dubstep" (techno as well, especially after my latest trip to the Detroit Electronic Music Festival last month) at the hands of DJs, even though there is so much amazing music to be played. Dubstep (and techno) has veered off into so many different sounds and nooks and crannies, encompassing more and more, and widening to accept so many different vibes.

And yet, I keep hearing the same drudgery coming out of the speakers everywhere I go. It's like there was this whole spectrum of colors handed to people, and they decided monochromatic was totally the thing. Boooring.

So anyhow, this is my pathetic attempt to share the wider spectrum, and hopefully it won't just be me out there playing the stuff. A girl can hope, right?

And don't expect genre limitations on what I share. I am large; I contain multitudes.

So there.

And as a little treat, here's a Youtube link to a tune that's doin' me in proper right now. Full album review later.

Altered Natives - Body Gal